My name is Sariah Brooklyn I am a fun loving, cheeky and sometimes a little mischievous, human being. I like to live life through dreaming big and I am lucky enough to have been able to turn some of my dreams into reality.... well, most of the time. I am very much a ‘Right then, come on let’s give it a go’ attitude person. I love thinking outside the box (which I’m always getting in trouble for). I try to always be the kind of person who tries to turn every negative into a positive. I’ve been told, sometimes if you look at me long enough. You can see the wheels turning in my head as I’m thinking of a ‘fix it’ moment. LOLI have four children, two are now adults and have flown the nest. One has flown as far as Japan. And the other two are not old enough to fly anywhere...yet. They really are amazing children. I am extremely blessed to have them.9:27pm is my first ever book and who knows it maybe my last because as it has truly been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Now it’s here, it’s definitely something I can tick off my things to do before I am 50 list! I got there by the skin of my teeth with just 3 months to spare.I really hope you enjoy my book but most importantly I really hope it helps you to look at life differently. Because trust me, if I can muddle through it (when you read my book you will see what I mean) so can you!Stay safe and well. Do your best to have oodles of faith and enjoy life.Loads of love